Helping businesses is at the heart of everything we do.

Empowering suppliers to seamlessly offer promotional terms at the point of commerce, providing instant access to capital and directly inspiring loyalty, increased sales, and accelerated A/R – all while opening up new deal flow for banks.

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Our Vision

Create a world where financing doesn't hold companies back from reaching their true potential.

B2B payment options are antiquated, creating a significant barrier in how suppliers can do business with their commercial customers—until now.

Transend sits at the epicenter of financial connections: helping suppliers offer better financing options, making it easier for small businesses to access capital, and connecting banks with a steady flow of quality borrowers.

Our deep expertise and inherent understanding of the financial challenges business owners face has enabled us to make intentional decisions at every turn, delivering a powerful financing platform that accelerates access to working capital and gives companies the financial freedom to do more.

The Story Behind Transend

When Maslow conceived the Hierarchy of Needs, the pinnacle wasn’t self-actualization, but actually transcendence – driven to pursue goals that transcend beyond one’s self and to serve others.

Transcendence is a true aspiration and represents the mission that drives our team every day. To create a program and ecosystem that’s bigger than ourselves.

We’ll never be done working for you.

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Our Guiding Principles

Innovation Through Collaboration

As individuals, we’re passionate about helping businesses reach their true potential. As a team, we strive for excellence in every decision we make, every feature we build, and every partner we collaborate with.


Our united force is the fabric of our culture that inspires curiosity, encourages innovation, and bolsters our ability to drive real change in an industry ripe for disruption.

Push the Frontier

The future of B2B payments is in our hands, and we don’t take that lightly. We’re driven to conquer the unknown, pushing the limits beyond what’s possible today to create a better tomorrow.


We’re a team of problem-solvers, and believe every challenge carries unlimited opportunities if you’re willing to go against the grain of “what’s always been done” to find a better way.

A Lasting Impact

Our vision goes beyond launching the first private-label B2B working capital platform, but to have a lasting impact in communities nationwide. 


Our legacy is rooted in helping communities thrive financially, and it’s what drives us to push the limits in everything we do.

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