Simplify the Buying Process

Transend the way you do business with a digital application that approves your buyers in seconds and gives real-time insight into available spend capacity and more.

Transend Borrower Application Overview

Connect faster with your buyers at the point of sale:

Commercial buyers complete the application in-store, over the phone, or online

Enter key business information to determine their financing offers

Soft pull only: no impact to buyer's credit score for applying

Transend instantly approves the buyer for an evergreen credit line that can be used toward any purchase they make with you

Real-time access to financing details

Simple payment experience gives your customers access to:

logomark_light background Current promotion and transaction details

logomark_light background Remaining credit limit

logomark_light background Total balance across all purchases in one statement

logomark_light background Monthly payment amount

logomark_light background And no pre-payment penalties

Transend Command Center Application Experience

Don't let cash flow hold your customers back.

Transend helps your business customers get access to the funds they need, and you get paid faster than ever before. 

Transend gives you the freedom to do more.

“Transend is more than just a digital financing solution, it’s a powerful partnership that goes beyond limits to help suppliers inspire customer loyalty, accelerate accounts receivable, and most importantly, support the growth of small businesses in the community.”