Optimize your marketing efforts with customer purchase behaviors and real-time insights

Take the guesswork out of your next marketing campaign.

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Launch data-driven campaigns to improve your marketing KPIs

With purchasing behavior and spend capacity data at your fingertips, create effective marketing campaigns to hit your marketing metrics.

Return On Investment

Customer Lifetime Value

Sales Revenue

Churn Rate

Customer Acquisition Costs

Cart Abandonment

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Grow loyalty through customer engagement and insights

Combine dynamic promotions with transaction-level data to easily create repeat customers who turn to you for all their commercial needs.

Integrate financing offers into your customer journey map

Create a more personalized customer experience by adding promotional offers to your communication workflows.


No tech integration or code required

Launch the Transend platform in 24 hours and start offering promotional and extended financing options instantly.

Transend gives you the freedom to do more.

“Transend is more than just a digital financing solution, it’s a powerful partnership that goes beyond limits to help suppliers inspire customer loyalty, accelerate accounts receivable, and most importantly, support the growth of small businesses in the community.”