Offer credit lines for your commercial buyers, instantly

Close more deals in less time with dynamic promotions to fit every budget.

Supplier Sales Interaction

Attract more buyers with promotional financing and flexible terms

Regenerating credit lines up to $250,000 and customizable payment options are perfect for larger, one-off sales and recurring purchases.

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Lowering Prices to Convert

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Empower your sales team to accelerate the purchasing process

With a push of a button, your sales team can initiate an application, help your buyer secure financing, and complete the transaction—a win for your customer and your bottom line.

Increase your buyer's spending power and watch your repeat customer rate rise

Solve your buyer's need today, and give them peace of mind knowing they have access to working capital for future business purchases, too.

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Instant, digital, and paperless sales experience

Offer customizable financing options for every buyer type—with an application that takes seconds to complete.

Transend gives you the freedom to do more.

“Transend is more than just a digital financing solution, it’s a powerful partnership that goes beyond limits to help suppliers inspire customer loyalty, accelerate accounts receivable, and most importantly, support the growth of small businesses in the community.”